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Well... that's me there! Not one for getting my photo taken normally, so I know how you all feel! It's my job to change that.

This photo was taken on my long awaited trip round the NC500 in a VW campervan. I loved it! Scotland's amazing landscapes are what got me into photography in the first place!

I have been involved in photography for pretty much my whole working life, through my families business. It took me a while to eventually properly pick up the camera, but since I have I can't imagine life without it all! 

I sort of fell into wedding photography when I was asked to second shoot for someone and I caught the bug straight away! I love the happiness on a wedding day. Everyone is in a great mood (most of the time!!) and being quite a sociable person; I love getting to meet new people, hearing their stories and getting involved in the banter. I like to think I'm easy to get along with so therefore I can make you feel relaxed and you no longer say to me that 'you hate getting your photo taken'... That's the trick!

It may sound cliché but photography is without a doubt my passion. Apart from being like every 10 year old kid having a dream of being a footballer, I have never had that definitive feeling that I was on the right path and I knew that this is what I wanted to do. Needless to say the football thing didn't work out!!

I'm a pretty normal guy, who wants to photograph your wedding.

I won't tell you my life story... it's pretty boring!

Here's a less long and slightly less boring version.

I love photography (OBV)

I love dogs, who doesn't!? I always feel the need to shout 'DOG!' every time I see one

I play golf (badly)

I classify sleep as one of my hobbies

I like football and I'm a member or the Tartan Army and follow Scotland home and away

I love watching movies - I have too many favourites to name one but the shot of Glencoe in Skyfall always gives me goose bumps!

At the end of 2022 I will be married to my beautiful fiancé and best friend Kirstie!

All in all I'm a pretty normal guy, who wants to photograph your wedding.