Wedding timeline document

Bridal party names

List of Vendors
Anyone that you have hired that you think would appreciate a tag or some photos of their work. All wedding vendors work extremely hard to deliver the best service the possibly can and it's always nice for them to receive credit and also some nice photos! 

Typical vendors - Videographer, florist, bridal wear, grooms wear, MUA, celebrant, band/DJ... absolutely anything!!

Group shots

Please list all of the group shots you would like to have. Do not worry about Bridal Party as these will be taken care of already.

My advice - Keep the list to essentials, the groups that you would regret not doing. Each group can take up to 4 mins to set up and take so if you had 15 for example then that would be 60 mins of your wedding day.

However please do list as many as you would like and I will do my very best to get them all for you. 

Thanks for submitting!